What Is Steel Headguard?

What Is Steel Headguard?

Highway guardrail is a passive safety system returning vehicles undesirably out of the way to the road for any reason.

Thanks to these systems, after the vehicles leaving the road collide with the highway guardrails installed at the required places along the road at a certain angle, the highway guardrail systems direct the driver and passengers back to the road without damaging the non-traffic off-road elements after the vehicles energy is dissipated.

Highway guardrails are used to minimize death, injury and property damage caused by accidents that may occur as a result of faulty actions of drivers and vehicles.

In our country, with the transition to Performance-based highway guardrail systems in line with EN 1317 standards in the European Union harmonization process, systems which are lighter but with a higher obstruction level and a narrower working range have started to be used.

Steel Headguard