About US


As Antakya Galvaniz, we are in the place we deserve in the sector with the experience we have gained and the customer satisfaction we have provided after 12 years of success and progress.

Antakya Galvaniz started its commercial life with Öz İş Metal in 1996. Öz İş Metal, taking firm steps forward in the metal sector, stepped into the Galvaniz sector in 2010 and established Antakya Galvaniz.

Antalya Galvaniz has a total working area of ​​15,000 m2, consisting of 10.000 m2 indoor and 5000 m2 outdoor space.

We have achieved the projects we have successfully carried out in 12 years, the customer satisfaction we have provided and our sectoral stance with our professional staff that constantly renews themselves, always aims for the future, always researches for development and turns to success.

Activity Fields of Antakya Galvaniz;

  • Hot-Dip Galvanized Coating

  • Manufacturing and Installing Highway Guardrails

  • Manufacturing Lighting Poles

  • Steel Construction Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing and Installing Pedestrian Guardrails

Antakya galvaniz


Gaining sectoral confidence through high-quality production and workmanship and adding value to human life through our confidence.


Increasing the quality of the sector through a constantly improving thinking system.


Our company carefully selects its employees believing in the difference that a qualified and highly motivated workforce will make. Our company supports them for their professional and personal development. Our company aims at a systematic development through models and practices to enable its employees to achieve high performance. Our company carries out its activities intensively by synthesizing local values ​​with the values ​​of the international structure, as a member of it. Beyond being an important player with its ever-growing investments and developing organization in domestic and international markets; our company also aims to be a leader that changes and transforms the sector.



Our company adopts customer-oriented quality policies. We consider high-quality services as well as high-quality products. Our company improves its quality policy day by day and tries to offer the best through the projects it has completed.

We are committed to the following issues to our customers;

World Class Production

Fast and On-Time Delivery

Affordable and Favorable Commercial Conditions

Stable Service

After-Sales Service Opportunity

Unconditional Customer Satisfaction

Antakya Galvaniz continues to increase its marketing activities for national and international markets. Our company aims to provide better service to its customers through its wide product range and high production capacity. The goal of our quality policy is to provide reliable and competitive products and services to our customers.

Quality means excellence in our sustainable development and is essential for long-term economic benefits. Exceeding quality expectations of our customers and consistent development are required to become a leader in customer focus.

We encourage all of our employees and colleagues to adopt a personal commitment to high-quality. High-quality is part of our culture.